ADAT is a CTI-integration tool for use with the Open Source Asterisk (PBX) Communications Framework. Setup calls from your desktop with ease, using any Asterisk connected (soft) phone. Dial by shortcut, phonebook, outlook contacts, commandline, hotkey or just typing it in.

  • Call notification
    • Incoming and outgoing calls are announced using a tray icon balloon.
    • On incoming calls the calling party name and number is announced (as log as Asterisk provides this information)
  • CRM-integration
    • CRM Customer details can be shown when a call is announced by clicking on the balloon
    • The CRM-integration url's can be defined seperately for inbound and outbound calls
  • Manual PC Dialer
    • Using the ADAT dialer form, any number can be manually entered (or pasted) and dialed.
    • ADAT will setup the calll for you by dialing your extension first. When you answer the outbound call will be setup.
  • Copy & Paste Dialer
    • Faster dialing with a simple copy & paste allows you to use any source of information (Windows program that allows select and copy)
    • Just paste the number into ADAT and dial.
  • Click-To-Dial using callto: links
    • It is possible to let ADAT handle CallTo URL's, resulting in fast click-to-dial functionality.
    • ADAT will automatically setup a call between your extension and the CallTo URL number you click on.
    • The use if CallTo URL's on the public web is growing, but can easily be implemented in your own personal Intranet and/or CRM enviroment
  • Internet Explorer and Firefox context-menu dialer
    • ADAT includes an Internet Explorer plugin that can be used for context-menu dialing on any web page.
    • Just select the number, right-click and choose "Dial using ADAT" to initiate a dial out.
    • The Firefox plugin is available as a separate .XPI download.
  • Call history
    • Using the call history you can lookup placed and received calls.
    • You can also easily (re)dial any number from your history.
  • Auto-answer
    • ADAT can be configured (available through .ini setting at the moment) to send a special SIP header which instructs SIP phones to auto-answer the call request.
    • Your phone answers the ADAT call-request immediately (putting it on speakerphone) and then dials the requested desitination without touching the Phone!
    • The auto-answer feature has been tested with Grandstream phones. Other SIP phones may work also.

Please view the ADAT minisite for more information..


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